Corset Piercing Exhibition

February 27th, 2014

Earlier in January we held a special corset piercing event.  We were delighted with the turnout and extend a special thanks to our 3 models, photographer and make-up artist.  Check out the pics below: Corset_Amylee_Piercing_2 Corset_Amylee_Piercing_6 Corset_Amylee_Piercing Corset_Amylee_Ribbon_4 Corset_Amylee_Ribbon_5 Corset_Cliodhna_Markings_3 Corset_Cliodhna_Piercing_4 Corset_Cliodhna_Piercing_7 Corset_Cliodhna_Piercing_8 Corset_Cliodhna_Piercing Corset_Cliodhna_Ribbon_7 Corset_Cliodhna_Ribbon_10 Corset_Cliodhna_Ribbon_11 Corset_Prep_Station Corset_Tammy_Markings_2 Corset_Tammy_Markings_4 Corset_Tammy_Piercing_4 Corset_Tammy_Piercing_7 Corset_Tammy_Piercing_8 Corset_Tammy_Piercing_9 Corset_Tammy_Piercing_16 Corset_Tammy_Piercing_20 Corset_Tammy_Piercing_23 Corset_Tammy_Piercing_24 Corset_Tammy_Piercing13 Finished_Amylee_01 Finished_Amylee_02 Finished_Amylee_03 Finished_Amylee_04 Finished_Cliodhna_01 Finished_Tammy_01 Finished_Tammy_02

The problems with finger tattoos

February 26th, 2014

Finger Tattoo We often receive a lot of requests for tattoo’s on the fingers or the side of the hand.  For most cases, people have seen lovely examples of these types of tattoos on the internet and would like the same.  However, what the photographs on Google don’t tell you is there are some considerable problems with tattoos on the side of the hand, fingers or on the front of the fingers.  The aim of this post is to explain what these problems are and provide examples to show the end result of finger tattoos.

Have you considered your job’s policy on visible tattoos?

steve carrell the office Not every company – or boss – is a fan of visible tattoos (hands, fingers, neck).  If you are employed, have you asked what the company policy is on visible tattoos?  If you are a student or unemployed this needs your careful consideration.  Visible tattoos have earned the nickname “job stoppers” for obvious reasons.  Think about the type of workplace you’re aiming to work in;  a nightclub/bar may be okay with visible tattoos; an office less so.

Healing and Fading

faded_finger_tattoo Did you know that your finger tattoo will need to be touched up every 3 to 6 weeks?  That makes for a very expensive tattoo!  This is not due to a badly done job by your artist or lack of proper aftercare.  The skin on your fingers and the side of your hand simply doesn’t hold the ink as well as other areas.  Common problems include: A quick search on Google for “faded tattoos” will show you plenty of examples of both of these occurring.

€2,693.93 Raised for St. Francis Hospice

November 21st, 2013

In Memory of Norman Doyle

In Memory of Norman Doyle

We held a Tattoo Day to raise funds and support for

St. Francis Hospice

~ €2,693.93 Raised ~

Thank to you everyone who participated and supported our fundraising efforts

Help us fundraise for TeenLine Ireland

November 19th, 2013

Teenline Ireland

Teenline provide a voluntary, valuable and confidential free-phone service to teens who may be feeling alone, in crisis, suffering from depression or suicide ideation. This is an invaluable service as young people don’t often talk openly about these issues to people they know, Teenline offer an non-judgmental service. This is something that could effect any of us and a cause very close to our hearts.

To find out more about the important work that TeenLine do, visit their website by clicking here.


2013 Prices & Offers

November 19th, 2013

Amazing value from Pins N Needles Dublin:

Tattoo in progress


SPECIAL OFFER:  Tattoo 8 Hour Special only €350 BRING A FRIEND OFFER:  4 Hours each for only €180

€3,706 raised for the Laura Lynn Foundation

November 17th, 2013

10654_354732751315572_1962686968_n 935280_347325835389597_389884458_n 942312_357963310992516_765945566_n 983986_354732501315597_1117248395_n 996710_355311914590989_1118888981_n 1000164_355311654591015_1849030805_n 1012628_357196404402540_1432889983_n 1014320_354731857982328_538301736_n

€5,677 Raised during our Robyn Smith Charity Day

November 17th, 2013

Robyn Smith

This one of the most successful events we’ve held to date.  The customers and locals were excellent in showing their support and we thank the staff for working so hard (and for free) on the day and keeping everyone so happy.

3615_371704089618438_771478439_n 74794_371621532960027_1938631699_n 544439_371592082962972_35218785_n 580529_371636989625148_1437720316_n 934647_371704232951757_1865519814_n 970639_371704402951740_1146973402_n 971165_371602026295311_1776032566_n 993659_371601989628648_2041144736_n 1001379_371637042958476_1155245318_n 1005782_371602786295235_661201995_n 1006025_371782286277285_855245023_n 1075637_371637109625136_962599909_n

The perfect gift this Christmas – Gift Vouchers for tattoos, piercings and laser removal

November 17th, 2013

Stuck for ideas?  Purchase a gift voucher for Pins N Needles valid for tattoos, piercings and laser removal.  Just enter the amount you want to purchase and your email address, and click on the PayPal button. Pins n Needles Gift Voucher

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Welcome to Pins N Needles

February 28th, 2012

Tattoo Dublin


February 28th, 2011

Tattoo Dublin

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